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Project ID Badges

Safety and Security with Empirics Consulting Job BadgesSafety and security at construction sites has never been more important. Job foremen are required to produce more, maintain safety and security and provide more reporting. Typical construction sites have subcontractors on the job site that do not know each other. There is Expensive Equipment and Supplies throughout the site. Projects that comply to Public Works or Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements have to know who is on the job and what their hours are. Keeping track of the modern construction site is complex and requires greater detail.

Modern Project Management Teams are relying on a Photo ID Badge system to keep track of the people on their job sites. Requiring Photo ID Badges can eliminate unauthorized access to the job site. Our construction site monitoring system requires the workers to preregister with the their Name, Company, and Trade before they are issued an ID Badge. This process provides the project team with the information to verify that the workers are qualified to work on the project.

Advantages With Our ID Badge Services

Please contact us about the ID Badge Gate Security requirements on your project. You can call us at (805) 582-8600 or go to our Contact Page. Give us the opportunity to explain how Empirics Consulting can make your project go smoother and be more profitable. Call or Contact us Today.~ Debra Sue Steele