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Construction Management Services

Construction Management for prevailing wage Public Works and Davis-Bacon projectsOur Construction Management Service is a project delivery system that applies reliable management techniques to project planning, design, and construction in order to control time, cost, and assure project quality. It is an array of services that span all phases of the design and construction process. Construction Management applies to all type of construction projects in both public and private sectors.

The Construction Manager's primary task is to represent the interests of the owner/developer throughout all phases of the project. As a member of the owner's project team, the construction manager is responsible for developing a management plan that will achieve the owners goals. The Construction Manager doesn't design or construct the project, rather, their task is to implement a management framework within which those activities may be carried out more efficiently.

Our Construction Management Service can be efficiently tailored to the specific needs of the project and coordinated with the management resources of the owner.

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Bid, Award and Construction Phase Services

Contract Administration

Project Cost Controls

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